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Friends! We are teaming up with Pledge Music to help fund our next album and need your help! Here’s a link with more information: To help spread the word about the campaign, we are also offering a link to a free new exclusive track! Below is a personal message from Nathaniel… It’s been […]

ALBUMS / EPs Infinite Nights OUT NOW!! Order Here: Amazon Germany Amazon UK Amazon US iTunes Germany iTunes UK iTunes US 2013 RIP Ben Lee Records 1. Wrong Side Of The Law 2. Midnight Moan WATCH 3. Oh Ali Bell! 4. Revenge 5. Happy Hour 6. Torture 7. Infinite Nights 8. Sex Fiend 9. Bubblegum […]

We are playing the LA Weekly Detour Music Festival in Downtown Los Angeles (Main St. and 1st) on Saturday, October 7th! Headlining the festival are Beck, Queens of the Stone Age, the Basement Jaxx, Peeping Tom, Redd Kross, and more… This is definitely most worthwhile, and we are extremely excited to be romantically involved. Tickets […]